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Ibiza is the ideal place for nightlife. If you’re looking for apartments and hotels to rest after long hours of partying, sun and beach, we have the perfect accommodation for you. We have functional, cheap accommodation options in our apartments and hotels where we guarantee you'll have a blast.

azuLine Hotel Llevant

With its modern design, the azuLine Hotel Llevant is ideal for all those looking to spend a few days of fun on the island and to get to know the  vivid nightlife of San Antonio. A low-cost hotel with all the comforts and facilities you need to enjoy Ibiza by day and night.


azuLine Hotel S'Anfora & Fleming

Located between San Antonio and  San Antonio Bay, azuLine Hotel S'Anfora & Fleming brings together young people of different nationalities. It’s only a few minutes away from the beach and Ibiza's famous beaches and breath-taking sunsets. It’s an ideal hotel for recharging your energy after a long day of partying, sun and beach.

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Ibiza is the ideal place to live the night, so if you are looking for a place to rest after long hours of sun and beach parties, we have the perfect place for you. We have functional and cheap hotels where fun is present at all hours.

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