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Your holidays are the highlight of the year and they wouldn't be the same without your pet. At azuLinehotels we know that your pet is important to you and that you won't want to travel without it while enjoying unforgettable sun, sea and beach moments on the coasts of Ibiza. 

Do you know about our hotels for pets in Ibiza? We want the experience of travelling with your pet to be more comfortable than ever. We offer you the option of staying with your best friend in our hotels for pets.


azuLine Hotel Mediterráneo

azuLine Hotel Mediterráneo is one of the few hotels for pets in Ibiza. It has a swimming pool and is located in the centre of Santa Eulalia. While staying there you can walk with your faithful friend along the coast strip in town, just a few minutes from the hotel. Also, there are two beaches very close to the hotel where access for animals is allowed.

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The holidays, that moment so desired throughout the year, would not be the same without your pet.

From azuLine Hotels we know that your pet is important to you and you would not like to travel wondering how it will be while you enjoy your sun, sea and beach holidays on the coasts of Ibiza, because you would love to be able to do it with your faithful friend. Therefore, we worry that your pet will spend a holiday as comfortable and fun as yours.

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