Our family tourism in Ibiza and Mallorca

At the end of the season, a Swiss family brought me a picture of their village. They said that the colors of the field reminded them of me, how charming! And they also said that that field with its river and birds is the perfect metaphor for our family hotels.

That inspired me to paint two pictures of our family hotels to get you to know them.

Our family hotels in Ibiza

In the first picture, Santa Eulalia, a key municipality for family tourism, is on the right.

My colleagues azuLine Hotel Atlantic and azuLine Coral Beach are immersed in the green and yellow fields of Es Canar. The little birds fly overhead, and you see how some of our customers come back from buying some souvenirs from the Hippy Market. It is a big colorful market just next to our new sister complex: azuLine Club Cala Martina.

Among them are swimming pools with huge smiles, while they enjoy the bright sun in the sky. Several families play ball between them. Our animators have wings and fly above the others trying to catch the ball, but they can’t!. The sunbeds at the pool and the bar terrace are full of families relaxing in the sun.

To the left of the picture you can see San Antonio next to a huge beach. Our azuLine Hotel Bergantin and its Villa Bergantin, and the azuLine Hotel Mar Amantis I and II surround an urban center. Some families go by ferry by the sea and take photos, others relax on the beach. The little ones play with the animators turned into dolphins. They’re having a great time!

Near them, the sea in the background, is of a beautiful turquoise blue. On the beach our clients draw our logo with their towels. That part has really come out nice!

AzuLine family accommodation in Mallorca

I have dedicated another painting to our azuLine Hotel Bahamas complex. It is in the centre with a big smile and, as since it is our family friendly on the island, I have painted it surrounded by beaches and pines. Families of different nationalities form a circle around the complex, with open arms.

I had to paint them smiling, like a great multicultural family!

And there they are, hanging in the bedroom waiting for my clients to give me their opinion. I’m so excited!

Room 211


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