The best hotels for young people during the Openings in Ibiza

If you have been waiting for May all winter because you want to come to the Openings in Ibiza, then this is your post. As well as recommending the best hotels for young people on the island, I’ve prepared the list of openings. Keep reading, you’re still on time!

During the summer the most famous and popular DJs of the electronic world are found in Ibiza. The island has become a worldwide reference in terms of parties and a must for all lovers of electronic music.

San Antonio is one of the leading nightlife areas in Ibiza. So it is obviously the preferred location of my fellow hotels for young people. They’re already sprucing up to welcome you this May, how great!

Our hotels for young people in detail

At AzuLine Hotel S’Anfora & Fleming my fellow rooms are specialists in making you feel at home among their four walls. Last summer a guest filled with kisses one of its walls appreciating the closeness to the beach. How sweet!

AzuLine Hotel Llevant is our low cost proposal. The snack bar in the pool is the protagonist, and she always ends up introducing some clients to others. The good atmosphere there is not at all surprising knowing how chatterbox she is.

If you’re meaning to travel in a group, then my colleagues azuLine Apartamentos Sunshine are your accommodation. I love their informal and relaxed character, where everyone beats to the rhythm they want.

Openings key dates

Open your party schedule, here are the dates:

05/22/2017: Circoloco Opening Party, at DC10

25/05/2017: Privilege Opening Party

05/27/2017: Ushuaïa Opening Party

05/27/2017: Amnesia Opening Party

05/27/2017: Pure Pacha – Opening Party. Already open!

05/28/2017: Hï Ibiza – Opening Party. New!

As you can see, the legendary club Pacha is already open. The opening of its Pure Pacha party will mark the beginning of its summer season. This year there is also a novelty: Hï Ibiza. The old Space disco will open its doors with a new face. Another reason not to miss it.

With this post and your yearning to not miss any Opening you have no excuse. I’d say that the only thing you need now is to book at one of our hotels for young people.

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