Best Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza is well known for its endless summer nights in the world’s most famous nightclubs. But the White Isle homes more than that; Ibiza homes exuberant beaches and turquoise waters along with an overflowing hippy and spiritual atmosphere that is nearly as tangible as its white sand. We have put together a list of the Best Beaches in Ibiza that you can’t miss while vacationing in Ibiza.


Cala D’Hort
Ibiza’s most iconic views.

From Cala D’Hort you have jaw-dropping views of Es Vedrà, a rock that dramatically rises out of the Mediterranean sea. Es Vedrà is linked to countless myths and legends, making it the third most magnetic place on earth — or so it is believed.


Aguas Blancas
Nudist paradise.

Picture by White Ibiza.

Despite invoking freedom in most sunbathers to strip down in every beach, Aguas Blancas is actually one of the few official nudist beaches in Ibiza. Don’t worry if you’re not convinced to soak up the Mediterranean sun au naturel. Everyone is welcome in Aguas Blancas.


Ses Salinas
The celebrities hub.

Ses Salinas is well-considered as one of Ibiza’s best beaches; its proximity to Ibiza city center, its crystal clear water, and its feel-good beach clubs, make it the perfect combo for visitors to indulge the fashionable side of Ibiza. Don’t be surprised to spot your favorite Hollywood stars or soccer heroes here.


Cala Salada
Jaw-dropping natural beauty.

It’s hard to believe that such natural beauty is located only minutes from San Antonio city center. Cala Salada is a must stop for all those seeking the best crystalline and turquoise waters in Ibiza. Make sure you get there early or you’ll have to park kilometers away from the beach and take the beach shuttle to get there.


Hippy Land.

Picture by Ibiza Experience.

Think about Ibiza back in the 60’s or 70’s. Now imagine yourself in Benirrás. This peaceful and yet vibrating small beach is one of Ibiza’s most emblematic spots. Every Sunday hippies gather around to play drums as the magical sun sets in the horizon.


Cala Conta
Sunset vibes.

Cala Conta is one of Ibiza’s most celebrated beaches. Make sure you give it a full day to experience the best of Cala Conta — arrive early and stay until sunset. You just can’t miss the chance to visit this stunning beach while on the White Isle.


Punta Galera
Sunset after sunset.

With the wide variety of places to witness the sunset in Ibiza, it can become a hard task to choose the right place to experience it. But for those seeking tranquility, Punta Galera’s dramatic rock formations are the ideal place to do yoga, meditate or simply reflect on life in general as the sun sets behind the Mediterranean.


Es Cavallet
Boy meets boy.

Es Cavallet natural beauty matched with naked torsos and sand dunes are the exceptional choice for tan addicts seeking to exhibit and show-off in paradise.

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