Meet the Flamingoes of Ibiza

Most people are unaware that Ibiza is a lot more than just nightlife, beach clubs and beaches; Ibiza homes pristine nature with unique fauna and flora found only on the island. Due to its pleasant Mediterranean weather, Ibiza and Formentera are chosen as home to hundreds of Flamingoes that come to the islands each year. It’s a spectacular event that draws bird lovers to Ibiza from across Europe.

Meet the Flamingoes of Ibiza: Ses Salinas National Park in Ibiza is the chosen spot for these incredible birds. During the months of August to October massive flocks of up to 800 Flamingoes land in Ibiza. They’ll spend much of their time in the salt ponds mating and looking for food. A big percentage of these birds will stay in Ibiza and Formentera during the winter before continuing their journey to Malaga in the South of Spain or to the Camargue in the South of France, where the biggest Flamingo population of Europe live.

If you are a bird lover just like us, then you won’t want to miss the best locations to spot our Flamingoes, right? The best places to have a better shot to witness Flamingo gatherings in Ibiza are in Sal Rossa and Es Cavallet salt ponds, located between the town of San Francesc and Ses Salinas beach. We recommend you to park your car in Es Cavallet’s designated parking area and walk towards the salt ponds on the trekking path. Don’t forget your camera and remember to respect the animals and their habitat. 😉

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Pictures 📷 by Marc Guillem

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