9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ibiza in Spring

Let’s be honest here; We all know you don’t need any good excuse to visit Ibiza. Whether you’re a nightclub-lover, a beach enthusiast or a nature-freak, Ibiza is always a good idea for those seeking adventure, Mediterranean vibes and endless nights in the world’s most iconic nightclubs. Ibiza reaches its peak summer season in July and August, when the rest of Europe swarms the beaches of the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza and Formentera, tripling the population of the island in the sizzling summer months.

But have you ever considered visiting Ibiza offseason to experience a different side of Ibiza? As the island starts prepping up this month for the buzz of the Summer, restaurants and venues start welcoming their first clients of the year and beaches are slowly packing up with tourists.

In this article, we’ll give you 9 reasons as to why you should visit Ibiza in Spring. Yes, 9 reasons because we believe you don’t need 10. 😉

  1. You can have the beaches all to yourself.

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  2. Hotels are more affordable starting at 34€ night.

  3. You can spot Flamingoes in Ses Salinas National Park.

  4. The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

  5. There’re flowers everywhere!

  6. You can have breakfast and lunch under the warm sun at A Son de Mar with stunning views of UNESCO’s Dalt Vila.

  7. Days are longer and the Sunset sets around 8 pm.

  8. Visit the first and largest Hippy Market in Ibiza.

  9. Try sports you’ve never played before; playing Golf at Golf Ibiza is a fun experience you’ll love.

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