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Our azuLine Hotel Mediterráneo admit dogs and cats of maximum 12 kg, one per room. The pet owner is fully responsible for any damage the pet may cause. Any damage will be billed to the pets owner.
The owner must sign a liability form at the time of arrival and submit a credit card as security for the pet to access the property or leave a deposit of 150 €. In the event that any damage exceeds this amount, the customer must pay the remaining amount.

The size of the pet may not exceed 12 kg . Breeds considered dangerous ( bull terrier, dogo argentino, american stafford terrier, etc. ... ) will not be admitted.

Only one pet per room is allowed.

The number of pet friendly rooms are limited . Please check availability with the hotel.

All pets are subject to a fixed daily fee of 10 €.

Pets must not be left alone in the room at anytime, neither will they have access to the restaurant. The use of a lead is mandatory to pass through public areas. 

The owner must remove the pet from the room at the time of cleaning by hotel staff.

The owner is responsible for the disposal of the physiological produce of their pet at all times.

Prohibited hotel linens, pillows, towels, etc. .... for the use of the pet.

The owner should travel with their pets usual sleeping basket (or similar) and food/water bowls.

The pet’s vaccination card will be required and the pet must be in good hygienic conditions.

The owner is responsible for all noise produced by their pets and need to ensure that their pets do not disrupt or affect the comfort of other guests. If the hotel determines that the pet disturbs other hotel guests, the hotel has the right to request that the pet is accommodated elsewhere outside of the hotel grounds. azuLine Hotels reserve the right to terminate the stay of the pet owner if the pet disturbs other guests, with the pet owner having no possibility to reclaim or claim compensation.