Holidays in Ibiza with your family

The best holidays with your family

Here is room 211, broadcasting from the hotel I find myself, I am happy, pleased, excited, enthusiastic, exulting, delighted, dizzy, crazy … I am bursting with joy and satisfaction.

I have taken in the first guests, yes! A lovely family that has come to enjoy their holidays in Ibiza. A young couple with two little kids, a three and a six year-old. They’re having a wonderful time, both children and adults, and I love it.

In the morning they all go down to breakfast at the buffet and then go off to enjoy the nearest beach, they come back for lunch and spend the afternoon having fun in the hotel, with all the activities offered by Mrs Swimming-Pool and Mr. Mini-Club and the animation team, fun is guaranteed any time every day.

When they come up to the room after the last show and the children fall asleep, they go out to enjoy the cool breeze of the terrace and plan what they will be doing the next day of their holidays.

In Ibiza there are always things to do anywhere on the island, boat trips, water sports, magical sunsets, beaches and coves to discover and visit, villages to stroll through, to suit every tourist’s taste… But the perfect plan if you have children is to be able to enjoy a family holiday.

It is very important that everyone, both young and elder, has fun in the hotel. Families return year after year and I love watching how the kids grow older, I feel they are part of the family.

If you decide to come on holidays I’ll be here waiting for you, you’ll always find something fun to do in our small azuLine world.