Holidays are for summer

Enjoying the travel

If you’re still not sure when to enjoy your well deserved holidays, take note and mark this in your planner: Summer 2015, Ibiza, azuLineHotels, one week.

One of the best suggestions I can make is for you to come over, stay in our hotel and enjoy the island whether you come with your partner, family or friends. Whatever the travel experience you want to have, you’re sure to find what you want here.

A summer in Ibiza may be something your remember for the rest of your life. Me, because I live here and I can’t really move around (I know, how’s a room going to move around) otherwise I wouldn’t resist coming.

I’ve seen pictures of the beaches and coves (Cala Nova, Aigues Blanques, Cala Comte, Salines, …), the villages (Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, Ibiza, Es Canar, …), the hippy markets (Hippy Market Punta Arabí, …), the cuisine (Frita de polp, Bullit de peix, Flaó, …), the traditions (Ball pagès, …), the clubs and more.

I’ve heard so many stories, which I can tell you if you like. You’ll have to keep reading me from time to time because I’ll share with you everything I can to make your holidays more fun and so that when you come over to Ibiza you will know what to do, where to go or what to visit.

If you consider yourself a person who knows how to have fun and a great time… See you at the hotels this summer! And if you think you’re a boring person, come over and you’ll stop being one. =)