The hiking trails in Ibiza that will make you fall in love

Ibiza, the icon of summer enjoyment, is very peaceful in winter. The coves are no longer crowded and its famous clubs hang their “closed for vacations” signs. When this happens, it is the moment to discover the other side of Ibiza, getting to know its secrets, uncovering its hidden depths and appreciating its abundant forests.

We propose three hiking routes in different areas of Ibiza that are a must if you really want to know the island.

Route Ses Salines – Cap des Falcó

Distance: 8.94 kilometers
Approximate duration: 3 hours
Start and return point: Ses Salines beach

Ibiza´s route Ses Salines - Cap des Falcó

This is a circular route leaving from the beach of Ses Salines which goes up to the tip of Cap des Falcó and returns to the beach of Ses Salines.

The route is rugged and close to the edge of rocky cliffs; there are three quite steep slopes that are a little complicated to climb, but at the same time exciting, although the effort is worth it for the views. Advancing through the highest part of the cliffs, you will find the natural park of Las Salinas to the north and in the east, the beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet.

Its a continuous up and down that will make you sweat, in which you will discover incredible Ibiza landscapes that you never thought you would find. It is not advisable to go with small children, since you have to be very careful with the edge of the cliff. A small mistake could make you fall and the slopes are very difficult in places.

Route Portinatx – Moscarter Lighthouse

Distance: 6.27 kilometers
Approximate duration: 2.30 hours
Start and return point: Carpark at the beach of Portixol

Ibiza´s route Portinatx - Moscarter Lighthouse

From the carpark and facing the Moscarter lighthouse, the highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands, we start the walk on the right, which goes along the coastline between the pines growing almost horizontally by the force of the wind and without taking any of the detours towards the interior.

On reaching the lighthouse we continue along the path to the left, close to the cliff edge, passing through a small gap between two walls. From here, we can see the islets of Ses Formigues and Es Pía de Ses Formigues.

We then descend by a usually dry stream, until we reach a small cove, which we cross, to climb another path that runs through another small dry stream. Here the path is marked by milestones parallel to the cliff, until you reach a forest through which another usually dry stream passes. Following the dry stream bed we will arrive to a small rocky cove that we cross and this will take us up to views of Sa Talaia, the highest point of the island, and Sant Vicent, Ses Formigues and Es Port de Ses Catetes.

The views are simply spectacular. The descent is made by the same route.

Route San Antonio – Cala Salada

Distance: 13 kilometers, round trip.
Approximate duration: 3 hours
Start and return point: San Antonio Town Hall

Ibiza´s route San Antonio - Cala Salada

A beautiful route with views of one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes of Ibiza, where you will find impressive views of Punta Galera and Cala Saladeta. To begin the route you must walk to the end of the port of San Antonio and continue along the coast, enjoying the views of the Bay of Portmany and the island of Sa Conillera, until you reach the Caló des Moro beach. From here we retake the coastal path, passing through the forest to Cala Gració, which we cross, climbing the stairs at the end of the beach.

The next beach we come to is Cala Gracioneta, which we cross to some fishermen’s huts, where there are stairs carved into the rock. The route continues along the coast until we reach Cala Salada. To return, take the road (PM-812) towards San Antonio. The return will take about an hour.

If these 3 routes of around 3 hours and of moderate difficulty have sparked your interest, take them and see for yourself. Walking you will discover the true natural essence of the island of Ibiza. The most spectacular views are within reach of your feet.

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