Farewell Club Punta Arabi

The story of a classic, the Club Punta Arabi

“Those little things,

that left us a time of roses

in a corner, on a paper

or in a drawer. “

Those little things by Joan Manuel Serrat.

Today we will travel back in time, back to 1971 in Ibiza, specifically the area of ​​Es Canar in the municipality of Santa Eulalia.

On a stretch of land, used as a military area, powder keg (place or building arranged to store gunpowder and other explosives) and military barracks included, the urbanization “Punta Arabi” was built with Ibizan style bungalows, each with their respective owners and common areas and facilities, pool, bar, restaurant and even a reception.

They were times when Ibiza shone by the combination of the hippie movement with the beauty of the island with its traditions, its people and its nature. Back then mass tourism was beginning and visitors from all over the world started to come to the island.

In 1973 when all the houses were built our beloved Hotel Club Punta Arabí was born as well as the mythical Hippy Market, currently the largest and oldest street market on the island.

In 1978 the Club changes and the hotel is visited entirely by German-speaking people. As one of the pioneer hotels in the world of tourism, the Club Punta Arabi creates for its guests an animation team that performs sport activities, and at the same time a musical program with a high level of quality musicians, DJs and groups.

The Club Punta Arabi becomes for both tourists and residents, one of the references related to enjoyment, a place, activities, a culture that had not been seen before in Ibiza.

During the 80s and 90s, the fame of the Club is awesome, everyone wants to stay there, it’s always fully occupied during the more than 6 months of the summer season.

Like Ibiza, the Club Punta Arabi changes over the years to a party club, with high level performances and very famous artists like Sven Väth and Luciano. The type of tourism also changes, being a more international guest the one who comes for the music and the party.

After many anecdotes, people, lives, moments, on October 2nd of 2016 the Club Punta Arabi has closed its doors forever, but its fame will never fade away.

Infinite thanks for sharing with us all these years, for being part of a story that we will continue to tell, remember that we can close our eyes to reality but not to memories.