Balearic Islands: Closer to paradise than you think

Today I want to talk to you about all the reasons for visiting the Balearic Islands. “We already know what this hotel room will tell us!”, You’ll be thinking, “beaches, sun and sea, more of the same”. Let me tell you that it will be more and better than that. Or, has any other hotel room ever told you anything?

Paradise is … round the corner

The Balearic Islands, as well as being a key area for various civilizations throughout history, hosts quite a few nationalities these days. Knowing our neighbours brings a relaxed atmosphere that makes us welcome all who want to come. Holidays are always better where you’re welcome, aren’t they?

You can also tell that from the cuisine. I should write a post with all the recommendations of our clients, and I don’t think I would be able to complete it!. The ensaimada mallorquina, pastissets menorquines or the Ibizan flaó are not to be missed. And what about the paellas and fish specialties, my favourite dishes indeed.

Like the plate to the fish, the coast to the beach. The sea and beaches of the Balearic Islands have a worldwide peculiarity: posidonia. Especially between Ibiza and Formentera, the millenarian marine plant is responsible for filtering the water resulting in crystalline waters.

I remind you that between prime cuisine and transparent waters we are still talking about the Balearic Islands and not the Caribbean. Yes, a destination that is just round the corner!

Ibiza and Mallorca: more than two islands

At this point you will understand why AzuLine is in the Balearics. Our Hotel Bahamas in Mallorca is the key point to begin to know the whole island. Nearby beaches and good connection to the rest of the island. And, obviously, a great staff, we are islanders!

In Ibiza we offer you a 2×1. To our great offer of hotels in Ibiza, we add the visit to Formentera. A holiday in Ibiza isn’t the same without visiting the younger sister of the Pitiusas. There you find peace everywhere and I bet that the sea will not leave you indifferent. In the Pitiusas the saying “size matters” is completely wrong.

If you thought paradise was hours away, think again. And if you thought it would take you hours to find your hotel, then you can also think again!

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