Almond blossom in Ibiza!

During the months of January to February, something magical happens in Ibiza; almond trees all over the island hypnotize us with their beautiful bloom, reminding us that Spring is on the horizon. This event happens due to the incredible pleasant weather on the island and it only lasts from late January until early March, making February the best month to witness the almond blossom in its full majesty. It’s a great opportunity to take a walk in the countryside while contemplating the charming white flowers as we sit and wait for Spring to come and bring warmer days to Ibiza.

Where to see Almond Blossoms in Ibiza?

Ibiza, also known as the white isle, homes several almond valleys through the island. We’ll give you an insight on where to go to witness this magical time on the island as you take a walk through beautiful valleys covered in white petals. One of the most popular places to see the trees in their full bloom is Santa Ines, Sant Joan, Sant Miquel or in Es Cubells. Below is a list of the places you can’t miss.

Santa Agnés

Corona Valley, located in the north of San Antonio, in the picturesque village of Santa Ines. This charming village is popular for homing an abundant number of Almond trees. During the peak blossom season, Santa Ines becomes a weekend hot-spot for Ibiza residents and tourists alike, that swarms the village and its restaurants in search of an idyllic day under the warm winter sun. 

San Juan de Labritja

San Joan’s natural beauty makes it an ideal place to witness the magic of the almond blossom in Ibiza. As you make your way to Cala Xarraca, you’ll find a stunning valley filled with almond trees. It’s a perfect time to explore more of the astonishing natural beauty of the North of Ibiza, including its secret places and breath-taking beaches. 

San Josep de Sa Talaia

During this time of the year, you may also visit the beautiful areas of Sa Caleta and Es Cubells, located in San Jose. One of our favorite places to spot the almond blossom is near Cala Bassa, on the road from San Antonio. It’s the perfect combination for nature lovers seeking an intimate contact with Ibiza’s magical environment. 

For some, this time of the year represents the purest essence of Ibiza. It’s a magical time that reminds us that the cold winter days are fading away, bringing warmer days to Ibiza. There’re several organized groups that will take you for an unforgettable walk through almond valleys in Ibiza. It’s a great chance to meet new people and spend a fun day amongst one of nature’s most astonishing creations. 

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